We know Justin as clients and we hope also as friends.  In both relationships we appreciate not only what he has accomplished for us, but also how his way of being is a gift in itself.  Justin infuses his values into all he does and each minute of his life.  He does this more intentionally and consistently than most anyone we know.  (Justin, we know you will appreciate the phenomenological jargon – just a little.)


The values we see Justin enact include self-conscious spiritual and ethical dimensions.  Being visible, these dimensions inspire us to consider more carefully our own purpose and actions.  As Justin so obviously is willing to ponder the broader or deeper aspects of his own concerns and goals, he is in turn available and willing to listen to us talk about the same sorts of issues from our own lives.  Indeed, he encourages us to do so, just by being who he is.


One ground we see for Justin’s capability is his knowledge and focus on learning.  We think he is exceptionally capable in his profession.  We also think he is very knowledgeable and intensely focused on learning that will help know how to act in general.  Seeing Justin’s skills and commitment in personal life as well as in his work makes us feel a deeper sense of trust in him.  We appreciate his willingness to show and share this part of himself.


You will recognize that we see many aspects of Justin and value what those traits and attitudes bring to his relationship with us.  We want to make it clear, however, that we are not just thinking about Justin here.  By knowing him and working with him, we have gained substantial benefits for our own lives and actions.  Here are some of those benefits.


Visiting with Justin always makes us think, that is, raise our self-awareness and focuses our intentions on themes that we see to be important.  Exposed to his breadth of knowledge, we are opened to considerations that often are different from those we use in our everyday lives (das Lebenwelt, Justin).  In our professional relationship with him, Justin has gone beyond providing simple or institutional solutions for us, striving to prepare something very personal and grounded in our identities.  That kind of attention helps us move from feelings and intuitions to action.  We feel he has a genuine interest is us as persons and that creates a sense of community and friendship.  What Justin has brought to our relationship with him is valuable to us and something we are happy to share with others, as we believe he will bring the same value to them.


Michael Livesay

Susan Flow