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The Truth About Estate PlanningTM

This course will help you answer  the question “How can I do an estate plan that works?”  By work, we mean that when you die, all the effort and money you spend having wills, trusts, powers of attorney, put together will pay off, by minimizing, stress, hassles, and costs, for the family members you leave behind.

At The Truth About Estate PlanningTM workshop you will learn the difference between a will, a trust, and a power of attorney.  You will learn why it is just as important to plan for possible disability, as well as death.  You will learn what probate really is, what property will be subject to probate at your death, what property will not, and that a living trust is not the only way to avoid probate. You will also learn what is happening to the estate tax (no, it has not been repealed . . . . yet)

The workshop will also educate you about a process for working with a counselling oriented attorney to be in control of your plan, maintain that plan over time, and assure that your wisdom as well as your valuables will be transferred, the way you expected them to, when you die.  

Please let us know if you will be attending (schedule subject to change)

​ I am not currently offering the Truth About Estate Planning Workshop

I offer a one-on-one meeting opportunity to educate  you on estate planning options and opportunities

Please call me if you would like to schedule a meeting.  I only have the ability to schedule a meeting by phone.  Thank you for your understanding that I cannot schedule meetings by email.