I aim to be the provider of choice for estate planning legal services on the Front Range of Colorado.
What makes me unique is the LifeSpan(tm) estate planning process.  Our motto is "Plans That Work, People Who Care(tm)". 
I am committed that what you expect will happen on your death is what actually happens.  Why spend the money up front for documents that do not minimize the costs and hassles for your family when  you die?
I accomplish this through a Three Step Strategy(tm) approach to estate planning: 
1.  Develop your plan with counselling oriented planning partners.
2.  Commit yourself and your family to a formal maintenance and education program.
3.  Acquire appropriate assitance to assure your wisdom is transferred along with the rest of your wealth.
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The Truth About Estate Planning(tm).

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At Dituri Law Offices, we believe that estate planning is about more than then saving taxes or avoiding probate (although we are good at both of these things).  Its also about capturing what is unique about your life, and assisting you in assuring that your loved ones receive all that you want for them.  Your values as well as your valuables.

We want to deliver true peace of mind.

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